Sophie Frame is a songwriter based in Hamilton, New Zealand. She has always loved music and started writing songs from a young age. She plays the piano, flute, some guitar, and sings, and has a desire to learn many more instruments.

Where other people think in words and pictures Sophie thinks in music. For Sophie, writing songs is an act of worship and a way of connecting with her Creator. She is also passionate about leading others in worship and seeing people connect with God. Growing up in a Christian family, church has always been a part of her life. 

During 2019 Sophie decided to start recording her music so she could bless others with the songs she had been writing. She also felt this was an important step in her journey to honour God with her gifts, and also to create space to write more music.

Since releasing her debut album ‘Grace’ in July 2020, she has been working on developing and refining her sound. Recorded through Play it Strange, she released ‘Isaiah 43’ in January 2021. Since then, she has been working on producing her own music, which has a different feel to her first album. Learning and developing her production and mixing skills has allowed Sophie to fully express herself in a way that is unique and authentic to her. She is excited for the new music that is to come from this ongoing process of discovering her original sound.